How To Clean Silver

Posted on April 28, 2017

Filigrenasia and Gaeacrafts silver products are all 92.5% sterling silver or more, therefore exhibit a naturally occurring chemical reaction called tarnish. Tarnish is the discoloration or "pangingitim" that happens when silver is exposed to air pollution (sulfides) and acidity, usually from sweat. Not to worry though, every item purchased from Filigrenasia and Gaeacrafts gets 3 free cleanings. Here are some easy ways you can keep your silver clean at home:

Silver Polish
Take a very small amount and put it on a cotton or flanel (pranela) cloth. Putting too much polish will just make tarnishing faster. Rub off the tarnish from the item gently as silver is fragile and do this in straight lines rather than circles. You don't have to scrub the item. Just let the polish do its work!
Autosol Silver and Gold Polish is available at all Filigrenasia and Gaeacrafts stores nationwide.

Silver Dip
Silver dips are liquid forms of the silver polish cream. This is good for items with intricate designs. Just follow the manufacturer's instructions by placing your items in the dip and rinsing it with water after. Dry and gently polish the item with a clean cloth. Chemical dips are harsher on the silver items so don't leave your jewelry in it for too long.

Use a plain white toothpaste without the special whitening formula. Place some toothpaste on a damp cloth and clean your item gently using straight back-and-forth motions. Rinse it well with warm (not hot) water and dry with a soft towel.

To keep your jewelry from getting tarnished fast, regularly clean them with warm soapy water to get rid of the build-up of sulfides from the air and the acidity from sweat. Just remember to always rinse them well and to be gentle as silver is soft and could be deformed by rough hands. 

Store your jewelry correctly by keeping them in a dry place. Wrap each individual item in tissue paper or flanel cloth, to prevent scratching with other items, and/or place each item in airtight plastic bags (i.e. ziplock). Do not place your items in contact with rubber, stainless steel, or paint as this will hasten the tarnishing process.

Just follow these care tips and you'll surely keep your sterling silver jewelry good as new for a very very long time.

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