Philippine Silvercraft

Silver and silversmithing have a long tradition in the Philippines. Between the 16th and 17th centuries of Spanish rule, millions of silver coins and silver bullions were brought to the country. Filipino smiths were commissioned by the Church to create religious items such as altar cruets or vinajeras. They were also made to fashion decorative and household wares to be given to members of the European nobility. Chinese silversmiths settled in Manila and proved to be excellent in the craft, too.

In northern Philippines, local silversmiths sought creative inspiration from indigenous motifs and from European designs,as for example, in the art of filigree where fine silver wires were painstakingly wound to make delicate flowers, miniature grand pianos, and tiny tea sets.

Today, Filigrenasia helps keep the age old tradition of local silversmithing alive by working closely with Filipino artisans in design innovation and in bringing to the world, only the best of Philippine handcrafted silver.

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