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Cabochon set

Rose quartz

The classic rose quartz set embodies timeless elegance

Ladybug amethyst earrings

This is a one of a kind design of sterling silver with amethyst

Lapiz Lazuli tribal earring and pendant set

A special set that no fashion forward women should be without

Sampaguita Filigree stud earrings

Rosita Filigree stud earrings

Gumamela filigree stud earrings

Daisy filigree stud earrings

Delicate flower earrings individually handcrafted

Filigree wing dangling earrings

Filigree ball dangling earrings

Round filigree dangling earrings

This finely made filigree earrings will deifinitely leave a lasting good impression

Leaf filigree with fine balls dangling earrings

Stand out in a crowd with this intricately designed earrings

Fan filigree dangling earrings

Cut-out round filigree dangling earings

Nude Ear-cuff

Men's Earclip earrings

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